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Bob Rice

Senior Pastor

Sonya Rice


  (972) 422-6322

Sonya Rice serves as the Visual Arts Director and personal assistant to the pastor. She is a charter member and has enjoyed over 28 years of marriage...

Terry Bolds

Executive Pastor

  (972) 422-6322 ext. 102

Terry Bolds serves as the Executive Pastor, Elder and Office Manager of Northeast Bible Church. His duties include a wide range of responsibilities...

Kevin Scroggins

Members and Care Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Kevin Scroggins serves as a Church Elder, Care & Prayer Ministry Leader, as well as Director of Members & Guest Services. Over the years he...

Carla Bolds

Fellowship Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Carla Bolds, native of Ohio, serves as our Fellowship Ministry Director. She is married to Elder Terry Bolds and is blessed to be loved by God, their...

Felisa Conner

Women's Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Felisa Conner became a part of the Northeast Bible Church Family in January 2010. She currently serves as Women’s Ministry Director, but has a...

  (972) 422-6322​​​​​​​

Kimberly has been a member of Northeast Bible Church since its beginning and is currently our Children's Ministry Director. Kimberly has also served...

Chris Francois

Youth Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Chris Francois , along with his parents and two brothers, joined Northeast Bible Church in May 2005. While still in grade school, he became an active...

Angela McCorvey

Impact Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Angela McCorvey, native of Dallas, started her spiritual journey at Northeast Bible Church nearly 10 years ago, when she trusted Christ as her...

Tim McCray

Men's Ministry

  (972) 422-6322

Tim serves as our Men's Ministry Director and truly feels blessed to lead the Men of God’s Kingdom. Tim joined Northeast Bible Church in...

Ezra Penermon

Pastor of Ministries

  (972) 422-6322

Ezra C Penermon joins the NEBC staff as of Pastor of Ministries where he will prayerfully serve with the NEBC Elders, the ministry staff and church...