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We’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest NEBC App feature, NOTES! With Notes, your notes are in one place, easy to access on the go, and stored somewhere they already go regularly: your app. It will be in your settings section. If its not there, just update your NEBC app from your App Store and you're good to go!

If you have a tablet and a smartphone, no problem, it can be setup be on both! No worries about moving them from device to device!

Notes overview

To take a note in the app, all you have to do is pull up a media item and tap Take a Note.

All of these notes will be accessible from the App Menu, so it’s easy to pull up past notes when you’re at small group or want to share with a friend. These notes will sync across all devices, so no one has to worry about transferring them when they get a new phone or want to use their tablet. Each note is automatically connected to the corresponding media item so they can easily refer back to the sermon.

Now users can jot down their own notes and save them directly in your app on their device.

To see Notes in action, go to one of Pastor Rice's Sermons. Navigate to any sermon item and tap Take a NoteYou’ll be prompted to quickly create an account, and once you do, it will work on any Subsplash app that has Notes.

When will my app get Notes?

Once your app updates to iOS 4.7.0 or Android 3.5.0, Notes will be live and ready for you to use.

Where can I manage Notes?

To manage the visibility of Notes in your app, just head to the General page under the Settings dropdown menu.  The top left corner that has the three lines.  Hit that and click on notes.  Its that easy.