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Service Time :: Sundays @ 10:00 AM


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Youth ministry is to Reach the youth for the glory of God, equipping them to become future leaders in order to transform a generation.

By providing a spiritual based foundation by extending the Gospel to each and every youth.Through emphasizing the importance of spiritual disciplines for discipleship and spiritual growth. 


By emphasizing the importance of Christian interaction and fellowship for spiritual growth and accountability.  


By emphasizing the importance of Christian Service within the church, throughout the community and the world.

Our Ministry

Youth Sunday
Worship Service


Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Youth Worship begins.  They cover topics that are current and relavant and based in the Word of God.  We want our youth to be able to make Godly decisions, so they are tasked to engage with the Word so it becomes part of their world view.  We want them to be grounded in the Word so they can be successful in all that they do.

Youth Discipleship
Growth Groups 


Growth Groups is part of the church wide discipleship program.  The Youth are engaged in the same material that their parents are studying.  This allows for much discussion as every member of the family can be involved in rightly divding The Word of God.

Kids Across America
Youth Summer Camp 

Ad the ministry state, our Youth get to fellowship with kids from across the country.  Some are saved and some are not.  Some go to rededicate their lives.  Some meet Jesus for the first time.  But through it all, EVERYONE has fun.  They have games and activities durnig the days, and energetic worship servies at night.  Our Youth look forward to it each summer.

Current Sermon Series


The No-Namers




Our Leadership


Youth Director- Chris Francois


Ministry Assistant- Jasmine Francois

Upcoming Events



Student Conference


March 23- 24th 


The Youth Ministry Leadership will have more details on the logistics.  Go by the Youth Church after services for more details.


Legacy Conference - Houston, Texas


Graduate Banquet

May 2018

Stay tuned for more details!