Worship Team

Looking to bring the Gospel to the world? Interested in learning about how to help produce and deliver a quality worship experience?  Maybe you can use our voice to sing praises to The Lord.  Then, this is the ministry for you!

Care Communities

C2 is designed to connect members, encouraging fellowship, and offering resources for spiritual growth. Captains communicate important information to the group about NEBC and other news that impacts our lives. C2 groups get to know one another through bible study, game nights, sharing hobbies, over coffee, or sports. The fellowship encourages prayer and care to address felt needs. Groups are approximately 6- 15 people who gather and are committed to doing life together. God designed us and the church to do life in community. Join a C2 group today.

Growth Groups

One of our strategies for making more and better disciples is Growth Groups. These groups are hosted at the church and around the city in the homes of NEBC members. When these groups meet, it’s a great opportunity to meet and greet with others and to discuss a given topic. We offer a sermon-based curriculum.

That means, after our Pastoral staff preaches on Sunday, the groups gather to further unpack the topic, answer questions and gain a deeper understanding. The beauty of the groups is that we share experiences, grow closer to one another and Christ. 


(Reach Bible Institue)

Looking to take your discipleship to the next level?  RBI is the place to do it.  It is currently being modified for new COVID protocols so we can start meeting again and grow in our understanding of theology and ALL THINGS JESUS!


Stay Tuned...

Student Ministries

Our Youth Ministry is made up of Middle School and High School Students. Each group of students has their own discussion forums so they can "walk out" the Bible teachings they receive each Sunday.


We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts. We want this experience to be as fun as possible for the Bible in their everyday lives.


Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry is a group of ladies who meet together and have open discussion about Jesus and the Word. We would love it if you would come and visit with us. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Ironman's Ministry

Our vision is for every man to sojourn to a matured disciple of Jesus Christ. That means we’re knowing Jesus, and making Jesus known.  To assist in this vision we must read God’s Word, Worship God, Give to God’s Kingdom, Fellowship with his people, Reach out to those in need, and  Serve our community.  We call these the seven essentials for spiritual growth. First, we’re committing to demonstrating these seven essentials, partnering with the young adult men, boys, and each other. 

Young Adult Ministry

There is a great need for a Young Adult Ministry @ NEBC.  Its an important group thats have graduated from Youth Ministry but not quite ready for Men's or Women's Ministry.  They might be married or single.  Its just a transistion space for a new season in their young lives.  Coming Soon!!

Communications Ministry

We have a ministry for you. We are looking for people who want to get the message out to our members, our guests, and the world at large.  If you're up for the challenge, we have a spot for you.

Senior Ministry

Bridges Senior Ministry is a Bible based Senior Ministry of Northeast Bible dedicated to serving self declared seniors, alternate housing patients and their caregivers at NEBC and the community.

Fellowship Ministry

Fellowship Ministry is there to support different events and meetings at the church.  If you have the gift of hospitality, love to cook, create snack trays, or any other way to support the active ministries at the church, we have a place for you.

Impact Ministry

Sundays are very busy at NEBC.  We need people who can guide people as to where to park, availabe entry ways, serve as security to provide a safe environment, and greet people as they come in to worship.  If you are that special person, we can train you so you can determine where you'd like to serve in this ministry.

In My Father's House

The Mission of My Father’s House Ministry is to make the building and grounds and church grounds attractive, well maintained, and fun as a reflection of the excellence of our God.

Our goal is for everyone to feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable in our Lord’s house as they join us for worship.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord.

Singles Ministry

iThrive Singles Ministry is a conduit for single adults to connect, build relationships, learn, grow, and apply God’s plan to their daily life activities. Our desire is to foster environments where Single Adults can grow their relationship with Christ and with each other, so the world can see Christ-centered Single Adults in action.
If you’re interested in more information about our iThrive Singles Ministry, please feel free to email us at


We would love to help answer them